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Max Secure File Shredder Description

Max File Shredder offers a privacy protection program that protects your privacy by completely destroying the files you specify, beyond recovery. It destroys files and folders, frees hard drive space and destroys the contents of your recycle bin instead of just deleting it.

Max File Shredder maintains the privacy of your PC laborating in Windows history, IE which is in many ways on your PC. When any file is deleted from disk, the information is not completely removed from the unit but is marked as available to write new data to it.

When a drive is formatted, all the information of files and directories on the drive as FATs and root directory entries are deleted, but the data area remains unchanged and nothing from the data area of ​​the disk is erased.

The data are deleted or formatted with the OS remain in the data area as they are and with some effort and data recovery data recovery software can recover. Therefore, the need to completely remove data from a drive leads to the requirement of this type of tool that removes / destroys the data from the disk completely.

Max File Shredder allows the user to comply with this requirement, and also remove the history stored by Internet Explorer, Windows and other applications for security purpose.

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Max Secure File Shredder Review

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    Max File Shredder is a tool that securely removes your files and private data from your computer so that the data can no longer be restored using other recovery software and tools.